CQ Properties

House for sale, Concepcion de San Rafael, 400 sq. mtrs.
Offices for sale, San Pedro, 132 sq. mts.
Offices for rent, San Pedro 132 sq. mts.
Large lot, Los Angeles de San Rafael, 2,781 sq. mtrs2
House for sale, Trejos Montealegre, 360 sq. mtrs.
Home for sale, San Luis de Santo Domingo, near route 32, 601 sq mtrs.
Farm, El Roble/Santa Barbara 18.7 hectares
Property with house, Los Angeles de Santo Domingo, 2,173 sq. mtrs2
Lots near El Castillo, San Rafael de Heredia, 2,781 sq. mtrs.
Lot with panoramic view, Bahia Gigante, 1,076 sq. mtrs.
Lot with panoramic view, Concepcion de San Rafael, 7,000 sq. mtrs.
Condominium for sale, Sabanilla Villa Cedros, 147 sq. mtrs2
Beautiful rustic home, Concepcion de San Rafael, 5,000 sq. mtrs.
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